How do the Black Berkey™ Purification Elements handle Chloramine over time?

At this time, NMCL does not have specific testing regarding Chloramine reduction, over time. However, the elements are far more than just standard carbon block or carbon-based elements. While their exact composition is a proprietary trade secret, it can be stated that one major component utilized is high grade coconut shell carbon, as opposed to regular or granulated activated carbon (GAC). Current research information indicates that Coconut Shell Carbon outperforms regular GAC for reduction of Chloramine and other potential contaminants.

Another very important factor in Chloramine reduction is contact time. Many regular home filter systems operate under pressure, significantly reducing the amount of time the water is in contact with the filtration media. Since gravity is used for water filtration in a Berkey system, the contact time with the media is much longer. This extended contact time has a direct impact on the media’s ability to reduce Chloramine and other potential contaminants.

NMCL is continually exploring additional element testing. One such set of tests currently under discussion includes longevity testing for such potential contaminates as Fluoride, Chloramine, Arsenic, etc.